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WAGES  - money that is paid or received for work or services

- Merriam-Webster


 By enabling a child to earn a wage now that can be invested by the family immediately, the child is able to have the advantage of increasing their investment horizon by up to an additional fifteen years, and in some cases, possibly longer.  Even a modest initial investment has the potential to grow exponentially over this additional time period.

Remington Regent allows families to begin to help fund their child’s retirement starting at an early age.  As their investment continues to grow and compound over time, the child will be able to reap the rewards many years later as they enter retirement.


Working together with Remington Regent…

  • sets the foundation for your child’s comfortable and secure retirement

  • enables you to lay the groundwork for a meaningful and practical discussion about money and its many aspects with your child

  • allows you to share the experience of financial planning with your child

  • gives your child a base of financial knowledge and experience that will only increase throughout their investing lifetime

  • provides you with the opportunity to shape the retirement your children deserve


In business since 2005, Remington Regent looks forward to serving the retirement needs of your family. View our video to see how you can put the value of Remington Regent to work for your child.


The money that I was able to invest for my child starting in 2005 is now worth over $52,000

— Anne S.


Originator of Self-Funded Employment

Remington Regent is the originator of self-funded employment for your family. Since 2005, the sole purpose behind our company is to enable families to plan for their children’s future.